At the old Ball Game
February 13, 2011
Baseball season is right around the corner and part of the Ortiz Smith mission is to serve inside the community we live in. Some of the "giving back" almost runs parallel with the beginning of baseball season. I will be starting my inaugural campaign as the City of Anniston Parks and Recreation Commissioner of Dixie Youth baseball. Another will be... Read More »
Marco Pollo!
November 21, 2010
Branding of livestock was a common practice to indicate ownership. It entailed burning a mark on livestock using a hot iron.
The unique branding meant cattle could graze freely on the free range of the American West. Then cowboys could then seperate the cattle easily at round -up time.
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Welcome to shopping insanity!
November 2, 2010
Welcome to shopping insanity. This year, Black Friday is November 26th - The perfect opportunity to work with your retail clients. Most consumers are on the hunt for the biggest sales, so you can team up with local stores to provide giveaways the shoppers will love. - Advantages Magazine- Black Friday has taken on a whole new meaning in the state... Read More »